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Refurbishment of apartments and cottages in Kiev and Kiev region

Unlimited warranty!

About us

We are the professional team with 17 years of experience. We are able to perform of any kind repair, decorative and finishing works at the most worthy level, which is due, first of all – to the high qualification of our masters, as well as:
• excellent knowledge of the best modern materials and technologies;
• use of professional, accurate tools and equipment;
• permanent control of work quality and compliance with technological processes, during the entire period of work, up to get of the facility to the customer.
We are the team of the full cycle and you would not have to ask help from individual, narrow-profile specialists. All works will be performed professionally, aesthetically attractive and at a high level.

During the entire period of work we will provide qualified advice and sound advice for you.
We value of our reputation and provide anlimited guarantee for all work performed. The only condition is the use of the materials and technologies we recommended.

We can do absolutely any type of repair, be it an ordinary complex or designer, an apartment or a cottage.

We value our customers, appreciate and respect their opinion.
We are mobile. It does not matter for us – in Kiev an object or outside the city, while transportation costs to the customer for payment are not exposed.

  • Our services
  • Engineering systems
  • We guarantee
  • Refurbishment, redecoration;
  • High-quality decorative finishing;
  • Art decoration;
  • Flooring of any types flooring;
  • Parquet works of any complexity;
  • Facing of surfaces with tile, natural and artificial stone.
  • Electrical works;
  • Installation of video surveillance and access control systems;
  • Plumbing;
  • Installation of intelligent control for heating systems;
  • Installation of systems "Warm floor" (electric and water);
  • Installation of boiler equipment;
  • Installation of filtration and water treatment systems;
  • Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Technical support during the whole period of works;
  • Qualified consultations and recommendations;
  • Full provision of high-quality materials and any equipments.
Our works
Completed projects
Conditioning and ventilation
Plasterboard structures
Stretch ceilings
Art painting
Sanitary engineering
Electric installation
Doors instalation
Solar power stations

Photovoltaic systems (solar power stations):

 We invite You to cooperate and offer our knowledge, equipment and services in the field of solar energy, which will allows to have Your own, an independent, environmentally friendly power plant.

For our part we guarantee:

  • Use of the latest scientific developments;
  • Guarantee on all components of system;
  • High quality of installation works;
  • Great service;
  • Pleasant and professional communication.

 Advantages of photovoltaic systems:

  • Free fuel (solar energy);
  • Ecological cleanliness;
  • Complete energy independence;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Modular principle of capacity expansion;
  • Control of one or three phase networks with instantaneous (0.01 sec.) switching;
  • Guaranteed constant voltage, without jumps and interruptions in the network;
  • Do not require maintenance;
  • Reliability and durability.

The photovoltaic system can be used in a wide variety of areas:

  • Energy supply of apartment buildings, cottages, dachas and other residential buildings;
  • Energy supply of public buildings and institutions – schools, hospitals, offices, shopping or business centers, etc .;
  • Energy supply of various farms and complexes;
  • Illumination of territories (parks, gardens, yards, etc.)
  • lighting of roads or motorways;
  • Power supply of telecommunication equipment;
  • Energy supply of individual medical equipment;
  • Power supply of oil and gas pipelines, platforms;
  • Energy supply of water supply and water treatment;
  • Energy supply of water desalination systems  and in many other areas, where electricity is required.
Photovoltaic systems (solar power stations)